Discover the peace within you, change the world around you Self-knowledge , encounter & freedom

A path of reconciliation shaped by Jewish-Christian mysticism

The Jerusalem Friedensmal is dedicated to the path to ourselves, which leads to inner peace and inner freedom. Through our being we carry our values to the outside; we live and act from them. We often forget that true change comes from within. We change the world within ourselves.

- The main aim of the Friedensmal is to promote peace and freedom. It encourages people to know themselves and to live the values of love, peace and freedom. The journey to a new world, to a New Jerusalem begins in one's own spiritual awakening. In recognising the ego, it creates the basis for authentic relationships, both on an individual and cultural level.

RELATIONSHIP - The „Stone of Encounter“ along the hiking trail and the „Tree of Life“ in the centre of the monument promote dialogue and encounter between individuals and between cultures. The „Tree of Life“ symbolises the connection between the material and the spiritual world, the one source of all life and thus the understanding of common responsibility for each other. Encounter and dialogue are not only vital for the individual, but also key to overcoming social divisions.

SOCIETY - The Jerusalem Friedensmal emphasizes the necessity of a positive identification with one's own culture. Only a tree with healthy roots can thrive. The Judeo-Christian root is the most essential root of our culture, which is deeply wounded. The Friedensmal serves as a reconciling and healing symbol, a Shalom in relations with Judaism. It therefore gives new hope to the vision of a new world inspired by the Idea of Jerusalem. A positive identification with one's own culture not only gives a feeling of personal security, but also strengthens the awareness of one's own responsibility for the community. Those who are firmly rooted in their lives have the support to lean over to the other and thus often find it easier to participate actively and with heart in social life.

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Questions that prompt reflection on the Friedensmal

How can the central concept of self-knowledge in the project contribute to people better understanding themselves and others, thereby creating a more positive and harmonious society?

How can the artistic-spiritual project 'Jerusalem Friedensmal' contribute to building bridges of dialogue and reconciliation between different people and between different communities?

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