Inauguration Celebration Greeting address of the Central Council of Jews

Chapter: Milestones / Inauguration Celebration / Dr. Josef Schuster

Central Council of Jews in Germany
The President

Dear Mr. Zieringer, thank you very much for your kind invitation to the encounter in the framework of „50 years of relations between Germany and Israel” at the (Jerusalem) Friedensmal in Bensheim, September 27, 2015.

That you have made it your task to build a monument of peace to the German-Jewish relations in private initiative, I regard as a very important commitment. A special sign of the encounter on 27 September is the participation of Ms. Dagan, who can report as a Shoa survivor and „life ambassador” of her history - a history of flight, expulsion, suffering and death. But it is also a story of hope, strength and an effort to overcome hatred and to venture a new beginning. Thank you for your efforts in the establishment of the (Jerusalem) Friedensmal and for the organization of the encounter event.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for me to follow your invitation, because the Jewish Fest of Sukkot begins at the evenig of 27 September. That I can not take part for this reason, I ask for your understanding.

I wish you an interesting and successful event, which may carry out the positive thoughts of peace into the world, and may further strengthen the German-Jewish relationship.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Josef Schuster, Würzburg July 14, 2015

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