The Name 'Jerusalem'

A Challenging Name Calling for Love and Healing Dialogue

The Jerusalem Friedensmal is more than just a piece of art; it is a place for encounter, reflection, and inspiration. The name 'Jerusalem,' literally meaning 'Site of Peace,' was deliberately chosen to underline the deeper significance and mission of this site.

In today's world, 'Jerusalem' is a symbol that evokes diverse emotions and associations. For some, it is a place of faith and spirituality; for others, a focal point of conflict and strife. This is precisely where the Peace Monument comes into play: it invites us to reflect on the entanglements and challenges the name brings, providing a space to seek and find peace in a comprehensive sense.

The Peace Monument does not stand for a deceit of religion or politics, but rather for the hope of reconciliation and understanding.
It encourages us to venture into areas that are difficult and challenging, in order to bring light and change into them. It is a place that reminds us that true peace often comes through traversing difficult paths.

The name 'Jerusalem' should not deter, but invite dialogue. It should inspire us to reflect on our own conceptions of peace and harmony and realize that the path to peace often involves overcoming barriers and misunderstandings.

The Jerusalem Friedensmal is a place for all, regardless of their cultural or religious background. It symbolizes that peace is possible if we are willing to face challenges and seek solutions together. We invite everyone to be part of this dialogue and work together towards a new understanding of peace and coexistence.

Freedom of Expression and Historical Responsibility

In Germany, we currently face a challenging situation where freedom of expression and open dialogue often appear restricted. This also affects the perception and acceptance of projects like the Jerusalem Friedensmal, whose name carries profound meanings. The name 'Jerusalem' should ideally be a symbol of openness and reconciliation but encounters challenges in an environment where freedom of opinion is under pressure. Interestingly, the Jerusalem Friedensmal was inaugurated with a speech on freedom of expression, underscoring its significance in these times. [Link to the speech]

This highlights the need for a space where different perspectives can be respectfully discussed and misunderstandings clarified. Our goal is to create precisely this space with the Jerusalem Friedensmal – a place where dialogue and understanding are fostered and a
new definition of the universal significance of Jerusalem as a central point for peace and human encounter is established.

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