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Ismael, the Muslim boss of the construction company, which had been commissioned by the company Kurz to lay the steps of the monument circle, speaks a short prayer in a minute of worship. 24 such granite steps will form the "Threshold of Humility". The first step has been aligned exactly to Jerusalem. The inscription on the first step reads: Recognize the sacred in your midst.

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First steps laid at the Friedensmal (monument) in Hochstädten

Hochstädten. For the past nine years, the Friedensmal Wendepunkt Association  has been collecting money for its project on the ridge above Bensheim-Hochstädten. Now it was finally possible to start laying the first granite steps. The first step bears the inscription "Recognize the sacred in your midst" and is aligned with the "Tree of Life" in the middle of the stone circle to Jerusalem. A total of 24 steps on two levels comprises the stone circle with a diameter of 26 meters.

The project, which was initiated by Thomas Zieringer, shall be a sign of reconciliation. It stands for a culture of freedom, which also appreciates the contact with other countries with different cultural imprints. At the same time, according to the initiator, the peace monument is also dedicated to hikers. With its beautiful location on a hill between Elmshausen and Hochstädten it offers a beautiful panorama and invites already before completion to a rest. The inauguration of the first construction phase is scheduled for next spring. tz

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