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Chapter Overview

This list of links serves as a guide through the multifaceted world of the Friedensmal Foundation. It provides insights into the long-term developmental work, the spiritual foundations, and the people behind the project. From the initial vision to the formal establishment, here you will find all the information that constitutes the heart and soul of this commitment to peace and cultural understanding.

The Foundation - Information about the purpose and the organs of the Friedensmal Foundation, the participants, and the Circle of Friends of the Friedensmal.

The Path to the Foundation - Discover the 22-year journey of the Friedensmal by Thomas Zieringer. From a vision for peace to a work of art and a charitable foundation.

Spirituality - The artist clarifies the transcendence of religious ideologies and the importance of a solid value foundation for cultural development in his Friedensmal project.

History - A brief account of the prehistory of the foundation. It all started with an idea and the association Friedensmal Wendepunkt e.V.

About me - The idea of the Friedensmal came from a dream. It was realized over the course of 24 years. Some personal words about my motivation.

Statutes - The statutes of the Friedensmal Foundation at its founding on December 10, 2020.

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