Headwind An overview of the chapters

Chapter: Milestones / Headwind

Overview of Chapters

Introduction - The idea of the Friedensmal has also stirred up much existing resistance and pain. The development of the project occurred in this dynamic.

Causes of the Controversy - Here you will learn about the deep-rooted causes behind the controversy surrounding the Peace Monument in the years 2013 - 2014. Behind the dispute lay more than just the argument over a 1.3 sqm area occupied by an allegedly illegally built "Jerusalem Border Stone" made of Odenwald quartz on our property. The "stone" had now become a "stumbling block" and, through the demolition order, a symbol.

  • The Reviews of the book 'Why the Germans, Why the Jews' by Götz Aly make it clear what also significantly contributed to the causes of the controversy surrounding the Friedensmal. Only under these societal conditions could this controversy, which ultimately led to a demolition order, arise at all.

The Demolition Order - Against the border stone, benches, and information boards, a demolition order was issued by the county authority. However, this was much more finely termed a "deconstruction order."

  • The drainage issue, which was the actual trigger for the deconstruction order, is vividly described here in pictures and texts.

Media Reports - Here you will find a list of reports in newspapers, on television, and radio about the controversy surrounding the Peace Monument. Citizens advocate for the artistic design to be preserved in its current form.

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