The picture shows the inauguration of the Rose of Shalom on May 17, 2012. It is located in the center of the Friedensmal in the crown of the Tree of Life. You can see that people walked barefoot or in socks into the Tree of Life. There was interest, mindfulness, and a welcome.

Chapter: Milestones / Headwind / Introduction

"Everything decisive nevertheless arises" (Nietzsche)

Controversy about the Peace Monument in 2013 - 2014

"The unusual private initiative had polarised in the region since its inception, but at the same time found a positive echo internationally" - it was said in a report in the local daily newspaper. Here, the story is told of how the whole project almost failed after 15 years of commitment (since 1998) because of misunderstandings and lack of support. There were few who opposed this project, but the few were loud and there were many who did not have an opinion or who did not want to stand by it publicly.

Dear readers, you have now found this webpage. Please respect the interest of our initiative to make peace. This is all past history from which all sides learned! It was about starting afresh and better and it is still about recognising that turns and transformations are possible. The project is now very well accepted in the locality and welcomed by the authorities. Perhaps it is also important for all people with similar ideas to know that there is a path that one has to be prepared to go through, as everything can still change for the better.

On the (Jerusalem) meeting stone it is also written: "... that we do not seek our life in the past." Therefore, I also ask all readers of this chapter to focus on life and good togetherness in the present. The project is working! People are coming and they are also coming into a positive relationship with Judaism here. - Anyone from the state and the media who is then really seriously looking for what can be done better in or instead of a "fight against anti-Semitism" can
find it here with an open heart and an unobstructed mind.

A bad way

A bad way

The idea of the Friedensmal had touched on much of the resistance and pain that existed in society. The development of the project happened in this dynamic. Our association also became entangled in it. The task seemed too big and there was hardly any support for it. The picture shows the very bad condition of the path. This is the European Long Distance Trail No. 8 in front of the Friedensmal.

One should continue to build on the path until it becomes easily passable and one is no longer left alone when a new mindfulness arises.

Yerushalayim - a challenge

Yerushalayim - a challenge

From the greeting by Rabbi Andrew Steiman of Frankfurt at the dedication of the Boundary Stone with the inscription Yerushalayim on 21 October 2012: "Jerusalem is more than a place, Jerusalem is a state of beauty. Jerusalem is wherever there is beauty. Now some of it is also with you in Bensheim; and Bensheim can be with it in Jerusalem, if it wants to."

After only 9 days, the boundary stone had been degraded.

Repair work - Shalom

Repairs - Shalom

This is the
Blossom of Life on 25. 6. 2013. It shows quite clearly how the atmosphere for the project has changed in the meantime. The negative mood had been fomented from outside. This then expressed itself in a lack of mindfulness. The material is not suitable for people to walk on it in street shoes. The picture shows me replacing a missing lace in the star.

A better way again

We then brought the path into a better condition in October 2013 with a drainage measure after no help came from the politicians and there was no interest in the problem from the authorities. The place should be allowed to be beautiful to attract people. Unfortunately, the measure brought us into such a violent conflict with the authorities in Heppenheim that it even led to a demolition order.

In the next chapter, "Causes of the Controversy", the story is told...

Wir erhalten Hilfe

Large Poster Campaign in Bensheim

In this situation, we are using a large-scale poster campaign in Bensheim to show the beauty of the place, which should not be destroyed. The picture was taken when a Jewish community visited the Friedensmal in Bensheim for LagBaomer.

Martin Buber's granddaughter joins the association

The image captures Karl Netzer presenting the Friedensmal artist with Mrs. Buber Agassi's membership declaration for the association responsible for constructing the Friedensmal, all set against the backdrop of Martin Buber's bronze bust. Mrs Buber Agassi is the granddaughter of Martin Buber. She once lived with her grandfather in Heppenheim, the neighbouring town of Bensheim. At the time, she had fled with him to Jerusalem to escape the National Socialists. The handover took place in the Martin Buber House during a lecture by the artist about the Friedensmal and the controversy. The aid was effective and the demolition order was soon suspended.

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