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Purpose and Bodies of the Friedensmal Foundation

The foundation supports the artistic project Friedensmal of Change in Bensheim, South-Hesse. It is about more than the construction of a monument. It is about relationships, about shalom; for a good coexistence between people and for this as a prerequisite, peace within oneself.

The purpose of the foundation is in particular the promotion of art and culture,

  • which can bring into being the processes for the spiritual healing of man and society,

  • which stimulates and promotes peace and freedom in the relations between people and nations, and

  • which symbolizes and supports appreciative understanding between people and nations.

Here you will find the statutes of the
Friedensmal Foundation.

Chairmen of the Board


Thomas Zieringer, artist and chairman of the Friedensmal Foundation, established the Foundation and the Friedensmal itself. His work is an expression of a longing for peace and understanding. 'Whether it is about one's own past or the country's past: Feelings of shame and guilt that crush are not a healing response. There needs to be a real acceptance of responsibility that is positive and brings more peace to the world.' (Here you will find his personal story of how he found the vision of the Friedensmal and how it came into fruition).


Gunter v. Stritzky, therapist and artist - author of the play "Thirty-three" and founder of the cultural network GG&G (Gemeinsam Gestalten und Genießen, English: Create and enjoy together).

Board of Trustees


Petra Zieringer, Managing Director of the companies ZIREC and Kumeta GmbH, graduate in business administration. She says: "I believe in the meaningfulness of the ideas that are shown in the peace monument and I care about reconciliation between people. But above all, the real reconciliation between Christians and Jews is close to my heart. Germans should not only talk about it so much, but also act on it."


Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson, chairman of the Jewish Chabbad congregation of Karlsruhe, member of the German Rabbinical Council. Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson regularly lectures on spiritual topics, which can be viewed here.


Christiane Hähn-Jakobs, Osteopath has been working in her own practice since 2001. She studied at the College of Sutherland in Wiesbaden (1996 - 2001), which followed her training as a physiotherapist and alternative practitioner. She experienced a body psychotherapy training at the Institute for Somato- and Depth Psychotherapy with David Boadella (Biosynthesis) in Switzerland (2005 - 2010). Christiane Hähn-Jakobs now brings more than 20 years of experience in psychotherapeutic accompaniment.


Rev. (ret.) Friedhelm Schneider, theologian and real estate economist. Former activities: Parish pastor, church administration, special projects such as the management of the 22nd ev. Kirchbautage in Magedeburg, foundation u. management of the ökumen. Wohnhilfe Darmstadt gGmbH, projects and publications on church reform (incl. "Kirchliches Immobilienmanagement", 2008).

Circle of Peace

Circle of Peace for Change - a circle of friends - supports the cause expressed with the Friedensmal.

Anton Euler, Pensioner (formerly working at the 'Blindenmission Foundation') - The idea of reconciliation appeals to me. For me, it means coming to terms with God and oneself in order to come to terms with one's neighbour. It means breaking down prejudices in order to come closer to each other, to be ready to listen and to accept the other as a human being.

Linde Weiland, former chairperson of the Jewish community of Fulda - The twenty years of chairing the community made me aware of the need to approach each other with tolerance.

Konrad Kaschek, Caretaker and Working Pensioner - I want to set positive signs and build a bridge between the past and the present. I am interested in contributing to the development of our civilisation. I want to help it to develop further in peace and freedom.

Paul Alfons Büttner, Retired Civil Servant

Ellen Lapidus Stern, Artist, Jerusalem

Carina Enste, Mainz

Dr. Klaus Mause, retired Engineer

Christian Strack, graduate Industrial Engineer

Arnulf Tian, Dip. Civil Engineer

Christa Büttner, Care Manager

Karl Zieringer, retired Entrepreneur

Margret Zieringer, retired Physiotherapist

Andreas Zieringer, Computer Scientist

Marion Euler, Housewife

Dr. Baumann-Schiechel, Educator

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