Bridge to Israel

Inscription on the slate stone: "Where dust is turned to light".

Chapter: About the place / A bridge to Israel

Inner change as a contribution to world peace

Preface: The attempt to create world peace from outside carries the danger of ending in totalitarianism. „Peace begins in the own house” (Karl Jaspers) is an already more realistic claim that is worth the effort, but it is still very difficult to realize. In fact, peace and freedom can only come from within, and so does peace begin with oneself. Here it is, where dust is turned to light(Nelly Sachs).

When the individual experiences inner healing, that is what changes the world. Therefore, this project also socially stands for repentance, peace and freedom.
It shall serve a healing in the collective consciousness (shadow) and release the energy needed to positively shape the future. This vision, that became reality, is a response to the nihilism in western culture.

The Hebrew letter Vav

The Friedensmal of Change in Bensheim consists of the Friedensmal (Peace Memorial) within the Garden of Freedom and a Stone of Encounter at its border. It refers to three places of peace in the form of the Hebrew letter Vav: The Friedensmal in Bensheim is connected via the Heart of Jesus Chapel near Fulda with the Holy City of Jerusalem in Israel in the form of the Hebrew letter Vav (meaning: "and"). The distance between the monument in Bensheim and the chapel near Fulda is almost exactly 80 old Roman miles (mille passus). The distance between the chapel and the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem is almost exactly 25 x 80 Roman miles. So that's 26 x 80 Roman miles.

The Friedensmal - Bensheim

The Friedensmal in Bensheim

Near the path in the foreground you can see the Stone of Encounter. In the background you can see the Friedensmal (Peace Memorial) with the Tree of Life breaking through a dark ring of memorial stones, that stands for the entangled mind. The symbolism shows how man can free himself from his entanglements and thus a whole society could become more free for peace.

From the Friedensmal you can look into the Rhine valley on the former "Jerusalem on the Rhine" with the city of Worms. This area is considered as the birthplace of the Jewish Ashkenasi culture. - YERUSHALAYIM (hebr. for Jerusalem) can be read on the back of the big Stone at the Border to the path (image). The name refers here to a root of European culture and the vision of a heavenly Jerusalem. The topic of healthy boundaries is addressed at this Stone of Encounter and the ideological imprisonment of man as a cause of bondage and war is explained. The Friedensmal was inaugurated in Germany on 27 September 2015 with a celebration of encounters as part of a greater celebration to commemorate “The 50-year-long relationship between Israel and Germany”.

Heart of Jesus Chapel - Fulda

Heart of Jesus Chapel in Fulda

From Fulda, large areas of Germany were (also partially compulsory) Christianized under the responsibility of Boniface on behalf of the Catholic Church. Fulda became the most important birthplace of Christianity in Germany. The message of the Heart of Jesus Chapel in Fulda (Heart of Jesus Mysticism) in relation to Jerusalem is this: Jesus was a Jew!  It shall be a sign of reconciliation.

A Blossom of Life for Jerusalem

Blossom of Shalom for Jerusalem

In the Friedensmal the Blossom of Life is located in the center of the Tree of Life, that is pointing with its "roots" towards Jerusalem. The inauguration of the Blossom of Life was on Mai 17, 2012 (Ascension Day).

Shalom represents more than peace. Shalom means salvation, abundance and well-being. The Blossom of Life was first introduced to the public on the front pages of the Jerusalem Post and Ha'Aretz in 2013. This white blossom from the Tree of Life is meant to show, that what really was to be learned from the dark chapter of the recent German past would bring Shalom to the world.

Turning Point in the center of the "Rose" with the inscription "Chai" (live) was set by the Jewish-orthodox Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson on May 14, 2017.


The Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem

Actually, there is only one project goal: Peace and Shalom. This refers to a comprehensive peace… continue reading

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