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Son of a Hochstädter citizen after the inauguration festival.

Chapter: Philosophy / About Truth

What does the "Son of God" mean?

The truth of a religion is more than a particular concept of the limited human mind that thinks about God. “The Truth” is not the Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, or “esoteric” container that should hold it. In Christianity, when Jesus speaks the words: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…”, he indeed does not speak of a certain religious concept of the mind. He speaks of an inner state, which is represented in Judaism and Christianity by the Tree of Life. It is the state in which humans have arrived at their own dignity, to live as the “image of God”; the Torah has been internalized, truth has been found within one’s own heart. This is nothing new. It is the exact same doctrine that was already preached by the old prophets, a doctrine which can also be found outside of Judaism and Christianity, but is even today poorly understood.

God works through us and so the changes come into the world. However, that is precisely not "putting oneself in the place of God" and it doesn't mean to rest and to "let it happen". What is it then? It is we who are the "light in the world" according to the Christian faith. But it is not our own greatness, but the light of God in us.

I do not consider the
Friedensmal (monument) to symbolize any “new teachings”; it’s art: creative thinking, created from something that far exceeds our limited human understanding. It strives to touch people in their complex entirety and encourage them to set off on a journey towards inner healing. Everybody should make efforts to come up with their private ideas on this Friedensmal: this development is always very personal; it can only take place inside every individual.

“Blessed are the peacemakers because they shall be called the children of God.” (Jesus, Sermon on the Mount)

What does this complex image of the Tree of Life represent? This tree is the law of life, called the Torah in Judaism – not as an external instruction issued by an authority, but rather internalized as natural order to allow the soul to live (New Covenant, Jeremiah 31:33). This way, “the Son” is born inside humans, the Son that connects the heaven and earth. However, it is important to note that I speak of everybody who can connect the “Heaven and the Earth” within oneself. In other words, to live a life from a spiritual perspective to become a Son of God. In many religious circles, to be “a Son of God” is often only interpreted as a projection onto the external, onto Jesus. This way, the realization that action is required of oneself to reach this ideal had been lost.

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“The ‘Vision of a new humanity’ (the name of the book accompanying the project) is influenced heavily by Christian spirituality. It represents a true opportunity to have a light shine through the darkness of Germany’s past; a light that above all appeals to the good inside people and recommends a way out. I am very impressed by this vision and wish you, dear Mr Zieringer and the entire project of the Friedensmal, all the best in finding a solution.”

With Franciscan salutations, “Peace and Salvation” Friar Amadeus

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