Philosophical Groundwork An overview of the chapters

Chapter Overview

Between the years 2005 and 2010, various philosophical texts were created that served as the foundation for the Peace Monument project called „Friedensmal". This collection of texts offers deep insights into the philosophical considerations that shape the project. From the importance of orientation and culture to the necessity of a paradigm shift in the culture of remembrance—here you will find a multitude of thoughts that have influenced the project from its beginnings to today. The texts address both the symbolism of the Friedensmal and the broader cultural and spiritual questions it raises.

Introduction - About the Friedensmal philosophy . This are the thoughts that developed the project.

2.   Orientation - Who goes his way in the world, needs an orientation. Monuments are signposts.

3.   Culture & Art - How bad has it have to get until we allow ourselves to formulate also the detachment of terror, hatred and violence as monuments?

4.   Paradigm shift - About a necessary paradigm shift in the German culture of remembrance: a commemoration working for life.

5.   German Identity - Why does Germany need a Peace Memorial in context to its past? The symbolism of the Friedensmal (monument) shows a positive way to deal with the burden of the past.

6.   About Nihilism - A message for overcoming nihilism that destroys our society. A guide to a healthy cultural identity.

7.   The Symbolism - About the design elements of the Friedensmal, the meaning of numbers and the Tree of Life as a Judeo-Christian symbol.

8.   Stone Circles - Between a memorial of admonishment and Stonehenge? What the dark ring with stones within the Friedensmal really means.

9.   Development - This text is explaining the development of the Friedensmal (monument) in years. Time span: 1998 - 2010

10.  About Truth - The truth of a religion is more than a particular concept of the limited human mind that thinks about God.

11.  Being oneself - Man, striving for self-realization turns around himself and in doing so, loses himself more and more (to the ego).

12.  Heart education - Most people die without ever having lived. When will we realize that life is about learning to love?

13.  My way with Nelly Sachs - Where dust is turned to light.

14.  Living the answer - The Jerusalem Friedensmal shows in the awareness of past suffering a path of healing and new life. Overcoming the Terror of Loneliness.

15.  The rainbow bridge - Today, the rainbow symbolizes boundlessness (as cosmopolitanism), no borders no nations, national disestablishment, anti-patriotism, transgender ideology ... Let's look at the true meaning of this beautiful and strong symbol. * One day we will find the Rainbow Bridge. The lovers, the dreamers and me.

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