Building Bridges ... to a common center

From Local Roots to a Universal Message

The Friedensmal represents a significant evolution: It was inaugurated in 2013 as the 'Jerusalem Friedensmal,' focusing on German-Jewish relations and their historical burdens in Jerusalem. These relationships still have a tremendous influence on people and politics in Germany today. Clarifying the traumas within is particularly important so that 'history does not repeat itself.' Over the course of 26 years since the project began in 1998, it became apparent that the direct approach does not work, as the trauma created structures in the world that prevent healing. In a creative process, the Friedensmal evolved into a symbol of universal spirituality. The approach was expanded as the 'Friedensmal of Change' to acknowledge the challenging process of working through traumas as a global task - no longer exclusively focused on German-Jewish relations, but on humanity - in a larger international and interreligious context.

The name 'Yerushalayim' (Jerusalem), still used on the 'Stone of Encounter' at the Friedensmal, reflects the project's roots in Christian-Jewish tradition. More about the significance of the name
Jerusalem can be learned in the chapter 'Yerushalayim'. Awareness of one's own origin and homeland is important to find strength in this grounding, allowing individuals or nations to grow back into the light and freedom. By providing access that is respectful of various religions and worldviews, the Friedensmal facilitates a deep understanding and comprehensive processing of the past in the sense of necessary collective shadow work, transcending individual cultural or religious boundaries. It thus becomes a symbol of universal reconciliation and healing.


Building Bridges to a Common Center

The Friedensmal symbolizes humanity's endless journey in search of peace, understanding, and spiritual unity. Inspired by Socrates' worldview of 'I know that I don't know', it emphasizes the importance of openness and intellectual humility.

With the 'Blossom of Life' at its center as a metaphorical bridge between different spiritual and philosophical traditions, the Friedensmal represents a path to healing and universal reconciliation. It stands for the shared pursuit of a deeper understanding of humanity and a harmonious future that transcends the limitations of prejudices and projections.

Friedensmal opens doors to various spiritual and philosophical paths on the 'journey inward,' all aiming towards the same goal: a deeper understanding of our humanity and the pursuit of a peaceful world. It invites us to broaden our horizons and see ourselves in others, thereby gaining deeper insights into our being. Each tradition contributes to collective wisdom and shared growth, with the Judeo-Christian heritage remaining the central starting point of the Peace Monument's development.

Thus, the Friedensmal is not only a place of remembrance, but also a symbol of hope for the future in remembering 'the idea of Jerusalem.' It invites us not to dwell in the heaviness of history's dark chapters, but to recognize that the task lies in clarifying, changing, and growing in individual and collective responsibility, thereby turning back to life.

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