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Am On Sunday, May 22, 2022, between 300 and 400 people gathered at the Friedensmal (Website) in Bensheim, often coming from far away for the event. In a four-hour celebration, 22 new peace stones were inaugurated at the memorial, representing values in togetherness. The 11 large stones that already existed in the memorial stand for the "old time" and the 22 peace stones are supposed to stand for a "new time". The art project had been initiated by Thomas Zieringer (Friedensmal Foundation) .

Film by Alexander

Vogelperspektive auf das Friedensmal, unterlegt mit dem Lied "One Day". - Please watch this video in 4k quality via the link "View on Youtube".


Behind this YouTube link you will find the touching film of the well-known filmmaker Domink Stapf, who "captured" the mood and emotions on this day at the Friedensmal particularly well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNG4kVpCIHk

On 22. 5. 2022 the inauguration of "22 Stones for Peace" in the Friedensmal took place. On the occasion of this celebration, philosopher Gunnar Kaiser gave a thirty-minute speech on overcoming the division of society.
 Film by Hugo Habicht (Chris from Darmstadt)

Filmmaker Michael Deichert presents a montage of the day on May 22, 2022, when the "22 Stones for Peace" in the Friedensmal were inaugurated.

This film is a compilation of pictures taken by Michael Deichert during the celebration at the Friedensmal. The pictures tell a story about what change means. - Please watch this video in 4k quality via the link "View on Youtube".

With "One Day" the celebration begins

The opening program featured "Singen mit allen" from Seeheim. They opened the festival with the song "One Day". The song of the Hasidic reggae singer Matisyahu had been premiered in 2018 in Haifa, Israel by a choir with 3000 singers.

Singing at the Friedensmal
Foto: Michael Deichert

Dance company Artodance

The dance company Artodance from Schlüchtern creates an impressive dance performance within the Friedensmal.


artodance - Friedensmal 2

artodance - Friedensmal 3

Artodance - Friedensmal 4

Artodance - Friedensmal 5
Photos: 1 Stefan Mikolon, 2 - 3 Michael Deichert, 4 - 5 Katja Knoch

Welcome of the visitors

Rabbiner Mordechai Mendelson at the Friedensmal 1
Photo: Michael Deichert
The organizer of the festival, Thomas Zieringer, and Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson together welcome the guests. The theme woven throughout the event is 'Reconciliation and Overcoming the Division of Society'. From the Friedensmal (monument), one can view the city of Worms, located 22 km away, which was the center of the former Jewish 'Jerusalem on the Rhine' in the early Middle Ages. In his brief speech, Thomas Zieringer mentioned that the Peace Monument is not explicitly a 'Jewish memorial'. However, as a monument for encounter it addresses a part of German history where reconciliation is needed.

Rabbiner Mendelson is talking to the people

Photo: Stefan Mikolon
Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson welcomes visitors to the Peace Festival. The Orthodox rabbi from Karlsruhe, who came to visit with his Hasidic congregation, spoke about the 22 Hebrew letters to which the 22 new stones in the Friedensmal are assigned. He dealt in particular with the word "Emet", "Truth", which in the Hebrew alphabet connects the Aleph and the Tav as the first and last letters. The space of encounter in the Friedensmal with the new stones is a place of truth, he said.

Rabbiner Mordechai Mendelson at the Friedensmal 2
Photo: Michael Deichert

Schalom Alechem from the "Singkreis" of Seeheim

Singing at the Friedensmal 3
On the occasion of the inauguration of the 22 new peace stones, the Singkreis from Seeheim was "Singing with everyone" at the Friedensmal.

They sang there the Hebrew song Shalom Alechem for the Jewish Hasidic community from Karlsruhe.

Visitors at the Jerusalem Friedensmal
Photos von Michael Deichert

A song of peace performed by Maria Kaplan

Maria Kaplan singing at the Friedensmal
Maria Kaplan sings an Aramaic peace song. Aramaic is the language that Jesus had spoken.

Maria Kaplan singing at the Friedensmal 2

Maria Kaplan singing at the Friedensmal 3
Fotos von Michael Deichert

Konzert des Bardensängers Eloas Lachenmayr

The entire event is accompanied by the bard singer Eloas Lachenmayr from Lake Constance with his profound and poetic songs.

Eolas Lachenmayr at the Friedensmal
Photo: Michael Deichert

Photo: Stefan Mikolon

Horse riding lessons

Riding at the Friedensmal
Photo: Michael Deichert

Photo: Thomas Zieringer
Die jüdisch-chassidische Gemeinde aus Karlsruhe erhält Reitunterricht am Friedensmal. Mit Dank an die Felsberg-Ranch in Reichenbach.

Lecture of philosopher Gunnar Kaiser

Photo: Stefan Mikolon
Another highlight of the afternoon is the speech of the well-known philosopher Gunnar Kaiser. He chooses the Friedensmal to set a sign for overcoming the social division and to leave behind the condemnations of the "other side". This makes society sick, he said.

Gunnar Kaiser Friedensmal 2
Philosopher Gunnar Kaiser after his speech.

Photos: Michael Deichert

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, people find themselves in the meeting with each other, some danced in the Friedensmal (monument), others form a circle with Mrs. Kaplan to sings another song. The feast develops its own life.

Photos from a drone of the Friedensmal, courtesy of Alexander.


On the way home

GG&G - Friedensmal
Happy after the festival. The organizer of the inauguration at the Friedensmal Thomas and the organizer of GG&G from Seeheim Gunter.

Comment of two visitors on the festival.

Stein der Begegnung - Friedensmal
Photos: Michael Deichert

Note: The unmarked films are made by Thomas Zieringer

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