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Chapter: Milestones / Construction work

Companies involved:  Gardening and Landscaping Zanitzer  *  Quarzwerk Dude  *  Kurz Natursteine GmbH

Construction of the Friedensmal

1st Phase of construction - The construction work begins. You can see how a circle with leveled earth emerges in the landscape. The first stone block of the monument's circle has been put on the earth and inaugurated. It is adjusted towards Jerusalem and bears the inscription "Recognize the sacred in your midst". A ring has been created with mineral concrete. Then, Granite steps has been placed on it to form the outer circle of the monument.  (April 27 - October 31, 2010)

2nd Phase of construction - Around the circle of granite steps a mowing edge of basalt stones has been paved. The inner circle, which forms the crown of the "Tree of Life", has been made of different coloured granite stones. The fringes of the trunk of the "Tree of Life", impala granite arches, has been placed into the monument. The trunk has been paved with onyx marble pebbles. The inner circle got filled with Vegetation-soil to form the arched "tree crown".  (May 30 - October 10, 2011)

3rd Phase of construction - The granite arches for the Blossom of Life in the middle of the Friedensmal have been delivered. The arches have been set and the lawn in the crown of the Tree of Life has been being laid out. During the inauguration ceremony, the "Blossom of Life" has been completed by inserting a hexagonal Odenwald quartz star. Two benches have been built from two remaining spare granite blocks of the monument's circle. The foundations in the "dark ring" of the monument have been poured for the commemorative stones.  (April 25 - July 4, 2012)

4th Phase of construction - The Jerusalem memorial stone and a threshold of slate have been provided with an inscription. The concrete foundation for the stone next to the way has been cast. After drying, the boundary stone and the slate threshold have been fixed on the prepared foundation. The commemorative stones in the inner and middle ring of the monument have been fixed on the prepared foundations. The conclusion of the gravel bed to the "dance floor" in the monument have been built with arches of black granite. Two stands with information boards have been completed next to the Jerusalem memorial stone. Finally, the outer ring of commemorative stones has been constructed within the monument.  (September 6 - November 2012)

5th Phase of construction - A ring around the "Tree crown" for a rainbow of glass mosaic was structured within the monument. Travertine panels were laid in a special pattern in the space empty of commemorative stones. A drainage problem at the monument site was solved by levelling the area around the monument. With the soil which was left over, the plateau of the monument's circle was extended. The embankments at the sides of the levelled area were designed as "angel wings". Two drainage channels were drawn along the "angel wings". Grass was sown on the prepared surface and grew after a short time already.  (May 3 - October 19, 2013)

6th Phase of construction - The first rains show that the drainage works. Unfortunately, the measure resulted in a conflict with the district authority and as a result, a demolition order was issued against the Jerusalem memorial stone, information boards and benches. Now we are engaged in legal struggles. The construction started late. It went on in a small scale: at the start of the ring for the rainbow in the monument's circle, slabs of Odenwald quartz were laid. Four granite benches I designed for the site were set up around the monument's circle. The gravel bed around the Jerusalem memorial stone was redesigned as part of an upcoming agreement with the county council.  (Juni 9 - August 31, 2014)

7th Phase of construction - The signpost "Jerusalem Friedensmal" has been designed. The ring for the glass mosaic of the rainbow has been completed and the concrete smoothed. The benches at the Jerusalem memorial stone have been renovated. Pebbles are laid around the "angel wings" to accentuate the edges. With the district authority, an agreement was reached that the monument site remains in its current form.  (September 1 - September 26, 2014)

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