Construction Work   7th phase  

Milestones / Construction work / 7th Phase

1. September 2014 - 26. September 2014

The demolition order against our peace project was still valid. I started designing the signpost "Jerusalem Friedensmal" (Jerusalem Peace Memorial).

Preparing the Sign for the Jerusalem Friedensmal
I cut a piece from a travertine plate to produce the sign. This material was also used for the “dance floor”.

I draw the template
I printed letters onto foil and used a knife to cut out the letters. 

Milling the inscription
Using the blueprints, I painted the letters onto the travertine slab using a pencil. I then used the tool that can be seen in the picture to mill the letters into the material. 

The sign of the Jerusalem Peace Memorial
I subsequently gilded the letters and put the sign and the post together. A small information panel, which I produced beforehand, was affixed on the post.

Inspirationen for the design of the square at the Jerusalem memorial stone

scheme of the order of the place

The designed place
This is what the square at the Jerusalem memorial stone looks like in reality. All that’s left to do is the embellishment of both benches. The two pre-existing information panels combine with the third and form a triangle. 

Lecture in the Martin Buber House
Mr Karl Netzer hands me Ms Buber Agassi’s declaration of entry to my association as I give a speech at the Martin Buber Haus. This is meant as a gesture of support during the conflict surrounding this peace project.

The ring for the rainbow is concreted
The quartz slabs were laid only at the beginning of the arch above the "tree top" left and right. In the middle a long bowed section of exactly 26 meters was left open. This section was filled with concrete. Ferdl now places wire mats on this initial layer of concrete, to be turned into a concrete surface, as smooth as possible, which is flush with the "dance floor". The concrete surface itself should slant slightly to discharge rain water.

Concrete has been filled
The concrete has been applied and smoothened by Ferdl.

Concrete has been smoothed
The surface is ready and should now dry. Later, a fine-glass-mosaic, 26-metre-long rainbow with 7 rings shall be placed on it. 

I renovate the old benches
I have added new Douglas fir laths and paint the bench in my favorite shade of green.

The benches are ready
This is what the area surrounding the Jerusalem memorial stone looks like with the renovated benches. 

The Garden of Freedom is almost finished
The Friedensmal is ready! :-)

Angel's wings

Symbol of the Garden of Freedom

This is the symbol for entire monument site.

That's what it looked like earlier
An image of July 5, 2013, before the drainage measures.

The Garden of Freedom is well visited
This is what the monument site looks like after the drainage measure with the angel‘s wings.

Garden of Freedom with angel wings
A view of the situation today. Pebbles were placed at the edges to accentuate the shape of the angel’s wings.

Spring 2015

Spring awakening in the Garden of Freedom

An agreement has been reached with the authority. The Friedensmal may be preserved with the Jerusalem memorial stone, the benches and information panels in this form.

Many readers who have read all the way up to here may notice that the entire saga surrounding the Friedensmal with the Jerusalem memorial stone, a Garden of Freedom as its frame and the fence of the neighbour, the drainage measures and the conflict with the authority and the environment and the solution with "angel’s wings" is a parable, written by life itself.

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