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Laying of foundation stone - Friedensmal

On April 26, 2010, the foundation stone is laid by Dean Thomas Groß. In a steel capsule, the 1st psalm in Hebrew is placed in the concrete under the center of the still to be built "Blossom of Life" - below the Turning Point. From this point of reference the Friedensmal (with the Tree of Life and the 'Stone of Encounter') within a "Garden of Freedom" will be measured and constructed.

Bergsträßer Anzeiger, April 28, 2010

A symbol of peace and reconciliation in the midst of nature

Hochstädten. The Friedensmal (monument) becomes reality. The laying of the foundation stone on Monday is the step into the final phase of already eleven years of development and persuasion.

The project, initiated by Thomas Zieringer, is a circular monument that is being built on the Hochstädter district directly by the European long-distance path E8. The Bensheim artist and author speaks of a national memorial site and a place integrated into nature.

After a long preparatory work and the search for a suitable location, Zieringer bought a meadow property on a hill between the cities of Hochstädten and Elmshausen in 2006. At the beginning of this year, the district authority issued a building permit for the stone monument. The nature conservation authorities also gave the go-ahead.

Now the meadow has to be slightly straightened out in order to built the stone circle of 26 meters in diameter, designed by Zieringer. The foundation stone is at the same time the center of the monument of peace and the "Tree of Life": a Jewish-Christian symbol that reflects the path to reconciliation and peace, as the initiator explains on the spot.

It stands for a different way of thinking, a culture of freedom and an emphatically spiritual confrontation with history. In the center of the site, a capsule has now been anchored as an ideal point of reference for the monument, containing a scroll with the first psalm about "the way of the righteous and wicked" in Hebrew.

Together with Dean Thomas Gross Zieringer handed over the previously blessed capsule to its purpose. Around 30 people were present at the laying of the foundation stone, including supporters of the project and members of the Friedensmal Wendepunkt Association, founded in 2001, which promotes peace and reconciliation.

Circle of 33 Commemorative Stones

Friedensmal shall be a sign of a culture of understanding and a signal to society. The star-shaped center and the outer frame of the Peace Memorial will have their recognizable shape in just a few weeks.

Afterwards, the monument will gradually be supplemented with 33 commemorative stones. The structure is made of French granite, the actual commemorative stones of rose quartz, which are broken at the Borstein in nearby Lautertal. Since the cuboids from quartz are difficult to process, Thomas Zieringer expects a completion period of about two years.

During this time, the initiator hopes, that the public shall be addressed more intensively and the intellectual discussion about the project will get on its way.

The spiritual father of the monument expressly opposes a meaningless "wreath shedding point", rather he wants to give people in this place a spiritual pilgrim experience. For him, laying the foundation stone of a "national monument" also marks the hope of a new chapter in German-Israeli relations.

If the further construction of the monument goes ahead as planned, he wants to devote himself increasingly to a peaceful understanding with Israel. tr

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