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The Ukrainian dancer Natalia Pienkina performs a dance at the Peace Monument for peace and spiritual awakening. Here you can find a video of the dance.

Chapter: Philosophy / Being oneself

The inner path

Man, striving for self-realization turns around himself and in doing so, loses himself more and more (to the ego). The circle of the Friedensmal (monument) can be rounded for eternity, but this path just leads past the same commemorative stones, again and again, the same projection surfaces of one’s own rationality. However, if you stand still and overcome the grey Threshold of Humility to reach the Tree of Life – to reach the relationship to God, oneself, and therefore also the relationship to other human selfs – you can meet your own true being. This basic principle is grasped by the mystics of the many world religions. The symbolism of the Friedensmal can be understood across religions, thus uniting people of different faiths. 

What is the Tree of Life? It is the law of life. It is not the law of an external authority, but rather an internalized law that allows the soul to live (New Covenant, Jeremiah 31:33). This way, the “Son” inside us is born. This is what it means to unite the heaven and earth inside ourselves, like a tree. This is what it means for a man or woman to lead a life from a truly spiritual perspective to become a “Son” or “Daughter” of God. This does not imply the necessity to follow a religious ideology. The true goal is liberation. Yet, can a work of art liberate people? Only if it is seen as an allegory. 

Who else but the individual person can be a "Stone of Encounter" and a "Friedensmal" in everyday life? So it is a project to carry it on in oneself.

Friedensmal can be rounded a lifetime, similar to the way someone keeps turning around oneself... Until, one day, the Threshold of Humility  is overcome to reach the Tree of Life that is inside. Then, the message of peace can be found in the own heart.  Yerushalayim… – to carry this message into the world.

I am writing of a spiritual-philosophical theme. A commonly heard prejudice states the philosophy cannot influence the daily lives of people. If the spiritual foundation of a culture is destroyed, the culture is destroyed with it.

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