Friedensmal Wendepunkt e. V. The predecessor of the Friedensmal Foundation

The picture shows the Annual General Meeting from 2014. From left to right: Dr Klaus Mause, Konrad Kaschek, Ursula Pietsch, Ludwig Arras, Franz Apfel, Claus Müller, Karl Netzter, Maria Mrotzek, Gerald Paar, Petra Zieringer.

About us / History

A brief overview of the prehistory of the Friedensmal Foundation. It all began with the Friedensmal Wendepunkt association.

The Friedensmal Wendepunkt Association

The path to the foundation went through the Friedensmal Wendepunkt Association (statutes). The association was founded on 27 September 2001. On June 14, 2021, the association was dissolved by an unanimous decision of the general meeting and incorporated into the Friedensmal Foundation. Until its dissolution, the association had 38 members who accompanied the development of the Peace Memorial with goodwill and commitment. Most of the former members of the association have become members of the Circle of Friends of the Friedensmal Foundation.


Thomas Zieringer, October 21, 2012
1. Chairman: Thomas Zieringer, Artist - Whether we discuss our own past or that of our country: Feelings of shame and guilt that become a crushing burden cannot be the answer. We require a true assumption of responsibility, which is positive and brings more peace into the world. (Contact)

Dr. Klaus Mause, Hochstaedten
2. Chairman Dr. Klaus Mause, Engineer, Bensheim-Hochstädten

Herr Arras from Bensheim
Secretary: Ludwig Arras, Locksmith (retired) and Caretaker - There are more and more things in our society that divide us. Everybody’s just thinking about themselves, constructing their own little fortress to keep others out. I would like to see more reverence in people, for each other and the creation.

Konrad Kaschek from Bensheim
Treasurer: Konrad Kaschek - I would like to give a signal and build a bridge between the past and the present. For me, it’s important to contribute to the development of our civilisation. I want to help in its development in peace and freedom.

Toni Euler from Bensheim
Proprietor, Anton Euler, Pensioner (formerly Mission of the Blind) - The idea of reconciliation appeals to me. For me, this means coming to terms with God, oneself, and our neighbours. This means breaking down prejudice and ensuring better mutual understanding, a willingness to listen to each other and accept the other as a human.

Honorary Members

Herr Karl Netzer, Heppenheim
Karl Netzer, Entrepreneur - Karl Netzer made the publication of a book by Ms Buber-Agassi on the Female Concentration Camp Ravensbrück possible. He helped our association through difficult times with his advice and support.

Dr. Pim van Lommel, Netherlands
Dr. Pim van Lommel, Wikipedia - Yes, I can agree with a 'Honorable Membership', and I feel honored, and I hope that by accepting this I can help you with your important initiative for World Peace.
In love and peace, and much success, Pim van Lommel

Linde Weiland, Germany
Linde Weiland, former Chairwoman of the Jewish Congregation of Fulda - After twenty years of heading the congregation, I am very aware of the necessity to approach each other with tolerance.


The Torah

Rivka Abir, Jerusalem, Publisher Pashutshone - Anders(!) Halt

Petra Zieringer, Bensheim
Auditor: Petra Zieringer, Graduate Economist, Managing Director - I believe in this vision and place great value on the reconciliation between people. Above all, I care deeply about the true reconciliation between Christians and Jews. Germans should do more than just talk about it, they should also start acting.

Markus S. Rabanus, Initiator of the Initiative-Dialog, Rabanus Publishing Company Berlin - “Rationality shall belong to people like love shall belong to rationality. Striving for it is what it means to live, and it will outlast its own time.”

Auditor: Ursula Pietsch, Retired Educator

Axel Goehr, Ministerial Director in pension

Christa Büttner, Nursing Service Manager

Paul Alfons Büttner, Civil Servant in Pension

Christian Strack, Graduate Industrial Engineer

Irina Sauer, Mother and Housewife

Karl Zieringer, Entrepreneur

Hendriette La Roux, Employee

Christa Kilb, Alternative Practitioner

Franz Apfel, Chairman of the BfB (local political party)

Andreas Zieringer, Graduate Computer Scientist

Margret Zieringer, Pensioner

Marlies Wank, Initiator of the self-help group "Die Quelle"

Susanne Alissa Kuphal, Speech Therapist

A. Tian, Graduatet construction engineer

Sven Amann, Musician

Marion Euler, Pensioner

Maria Mrotzek, Nursing Service

Christin Straub, Graduatet Physiotherapist

Sookja Reiss, Yoga Teacher

Nina Reiss, Singer

Harald Schneider, independent Accountant

Gosbert Wolf, Engineer

Bettina Beller, Administration and Seminars

Gerald Paar from Elmshausen

Dr. Baumann-Schiechel, Darmstadt

Deceased Honorary Members

Professor Judith Buber Agassi, Jerusalem
Prof. Judith Buber Agassi, Sociologist, Israel - Ms Prof. Buber Agassi was born on June 17th, 1924 in Germany, in the neighboring town of Heppenheim. Her grandfather, the famous religious philosopher Martin Buber, fled together with his daughter to Jerusalem in 1938 to escape Nazi persecution. She is an Israeli citizen. Ms Buber Agassi worked at the Sociology departments of renowned universities across the world.

† Auxiliary Bishop Guballa (Diocese of Mainz)

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