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The press release about the peace rally on Sunday 6. 12. 2020, "Hearts at the Friedensmal - we set a sign against Anti-Semitism", can be found at the end of this Website. We now have all the relevant film contributions together. As suspected before, the press has so far been very reluctant to report on it at all, because whoever has to do with "Querdenken" is unfortunately often marginalized today. The reality of a colorful and broad movement, which can also set an example AGAINST anti-Semitism, does not sufficiently correspond to what "the media" have conveyed to the people in the country; too much light disturbed their own dark view of the world...

We had about 70 visitors. The rally took place in the Corona Lockdown, was authorized, without police and peaceful. It was mostly people who had a heart for the subject. It was not a political event, but a spiritual one with a proclamation of love for Jerusalem.

It was really a lot of work this time and also meant one or two all-nighters. The whole information about the rally, also the lecture of the well-known philosopher Gunnar Kaiser at the peace memorial, can be found under the following links.
Attention: Some videos have been censored although they were only about peace and did not violate any guidelines. The reader may make his own thoughts about the situation in Germany in the years since 2020.

Article: Querdenken against Antisemitism  (published by
Another perspective: the champions of the state's "fight against the right" accuse the Corona measures opponents of anti-Semitism. The initiator of the Jerusalem Peace Memorial experienced exactly the opposite. GUEST CONTRIBUTION

Films of the rally "Hearts at the Friedensmal"

Trailer: Hearts at the Friedensmal
Here you will find a professionally edited summary of the entire event incl. interviews with visitors. Total duration: just under 7 minutes.

Welcome by the organizer   /  censored
The initiator of the rally welcomes the guests at the site of the memorial and explains the framework of the event: Healing and Humanity.

Speech against anti-Semitism by Chris from Querdenken-615 (Darmstadt)   /  censored
Chris from Querdenken-615 Darmstadt speaks about the responsibility from the past which also means to turn against Anti-Semitism.

Jerusalema dance within the Jerusalem Friedensmal
Guided by the group Querdenken-615 the guests dance the Jerusalema Dance in the Jerusalem Friedensmal als a sign for life during the Corona Lockdown.

Healing process at the Friedensmal, designed by Dirk Hüther
In the time of half an hour the communication couch Dirk Hüter leads the people at the Jerusalem Friedensmal through a process: From anger to sadness to self-awareness.

Greetings from Israel - audio

Aufstellung des Schildes "Jerusalem Friedensmal"   /  censored
Hier sehen Sie den Höhepunkt der Kundgebung. Mit Psalm 122 und dem Lied "Borchi Nafschi Es Hashem" (Lobet G*tt, meine Seele) wird das Schild "Jerusalem Friedensmal" aufgestellt.

Philosophical half hour with Gunnar Kaiser at the "Stone of Encounter"
Towards the end of the rally in the evening, the philosopher Gunnar Kaiser passed by the Friedensmal. 26 people had held out in the cool night. In a philosophical half hour, he spoke in a small round in front of the "Stone of Encounter" also about how conspiracy theories arise and why we like to follow them.

Videos produced by Michael Deichert


Hearts at the Friedensmal   /  censored

This is a film (low quality, edited from footage of visitors) of the whole ceremony of erecting the sign "Jerusalem Friedensmal" within the rally "Hearts at the Friedensmal - we set a sign against anti-Semitism". The film closes with the words: "A call full of love for the freedom of man. That we RECOGNIZE the fences in togetherness and do not seek our life in the past". The framework applies: "Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it" (Santayana).

Information about the Jerusalem Friedensmal (Website)

Hearts at the Friedensmal - Political Demonstration

Please see the reaction to our event (comments below the video)

Press Release, 8. 12. 2020

Hearts at the Friedensmal - we set a sign against Anti-Semitism

On Sunday, December 6, 70 people gathered for an extraordinary rally at the Jerusalem Friedensmal in the south of Hesse in Bensheim-Hochstädten.

It was a registered protest: People stood up in the cold and drizzle for a more humane world. But the protest turned into a 3-hour celebration of love for Jerusalem. Songs by Shlomo Carlebach were sung, prayers were said, psalms were recited, and meditations were made for peace. The sign "Jerusalem Friedensmal" was placed. The communication couch Dirk Hüther led the people through an intensive process "From anger to grief and then to oneself". Towards evening, the well-known philosopher Gunnar Kaiser actually came by the Friedensmal site. In a small circle, besieged by his fans, he gave space to a philosophical half hour with great depth in front of the "Stone of Encounter". Among other things, he talked about the phenomenon of conspiracy theories; what it means and how it arises.

Half of the visitors were from the surrounding area and the other half came from Querdenken-615 Darmstadt, who had been invited to the Jerusalem Peace Memorial by the initiator of the memorial, Thomas Zieringer. According to him, the Jerusalem Peace Memorial should be a place where there is no exclusion. The theme of the event was to set a sign against anti-Semitism. Also and particularly the Querdenkern from Darmstadt were given the space to present their position.

Chris, who is known at Querdenken Darmstadt with his stage name "Hugo Habicht", then held a committed and serious speech against anti-Semitism. This could make many people who already have their fixed prejudice think. A link to the YouTube movie with the speech is attached below in the source.

At halftime it was really necessary - respecting the distance commandment - to dance with each other, because in the meantime it had become very cold for the people, despite thick winter clothing. Chris then led the Jerusalema Dance in the Jerusalem Friedensmal for all visitors.

Who came on Sunday to the Jerusalem Friedensmal because he knew that also Querdenken-Darmstadt was invited, looked in vain for the right-wing extremists and Anti-Semites. What he or she could find were people who long for a new world in which heart and mind work together again and who want to enter into dialogue about it. The sign set against Anti-Semitism was meant seriously. But it must be taken for true and heard.

The initiator of the Friedensmal summed up the intention of the rally in one sentence: How can the good come into the world if we always expect only the bad?

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt und Ansprechpartner:
Friedensmal Wendepunkt e. V.
Thomas Zieringer, Bensheim

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