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Spiritual Dance Performance

On October 3, 2016, the Day of German Unity coincides with the first day of the Jewish New Year, Rosh ha-Shanah. On this occasion, the Ukrainian dancer Natalia Pienkina gives a performance in the Friedensmal. Her performance shows the way of man through his life. He has to face the temptations that keep him from coming to himself. The large stones (of the monument) symbolize "heavy ideas" that stand as blockages between him and freedom on his way. These ideas and concepts make people dependent. They can be a trap for him. The little stones symbolize the material things in life that man wants to gather in order to have more and more of them, so that he eventually becomes happy; but it's futile. Man has to recognize it and also leave the man-made concepts and ideas behind to continue on his way.

Inauguration of the Friedensmal

On September 27, 2015 the entire Peace and Freedom Monument is inaugurated with a Celebration for Life as part of the larger celebrations to commemorate “50 years or relations between Israel and Germany”. The film shows the celebration of encounters with students from Israel and Germany. Batsheva Dagan assumed patronage for the event. She told a story of flight, displacement, suffering, and death; on the other hand, also a story of hope, strength, and the struggle to overcome hate and dare to start anew. Performing musicians: Dganit Daddo, a famous singer from Israel and songwriter Eloas Lachenmayr from Lake Constance.

Inauguration of the Jerusalem memorial stone

On October 21, 2012 the Jerusalem memorial stone next to the Friedensmal (monument), that marks the outer border of the Garden of Freedom, is inaugurated as a border stone. There is fog hanging over the landscape. Stilt-walkers dance on high stilts in angelic costumes to the music "Borchi Nafshi Et HaShem" (blessed be God, my soul) by Shlomo Carlebach in the outer ring of the 26 meters wide Friedensmal on the site.

Middle of Construction Work

End of August 2011 vegetation soil is filled with a special excavator into the middle of the monument. Then the crown of the Tree of Life is modeled within the Friedensmal (monument).

Beginning of Construction

On April, 27 2010 the construction work is starting. The monument's circle is drawn in the landscape.

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Another Film…

In May 2017 I am giving a tour for a visiting group and explain the symbolism of the Friedensmal. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the film is not good. Thus it doesn't matter that this film is in German as you wouldn't understand it anyway. The beautiful landscape you can see in this film is convincing, which is why I want to introduce the film here to the interested audience.

German Films

Inauguration - Turning Point

On June 5, 2017, the Friedensmal is blessed by Rabbi Mendelson. He sets the Turning Point with the word Chai, meaning "alive" in the center of the Friedensmal into the "Blossom of Life". After that comes a heavy rain and later after the rain a rainbow can be seen towards Jerusalem. It's a simple movie with a fine language. The art lies in the details. For example, pay attention to the words when the rabbi's daughters are seen on the horses and what words can be heard when he is placing the Turning Point in the center of the Friedensmal: "sown with tears".

Lag BaOmer 2014

On May 18, 2014, the Jewish Chabad community from Karlsruhe celebrated Lag baOmer together with citizens of Hochstädten at the Friedensmal.

Laying of foundation stone

On April 26, 2010, the foundation stone was laid by Dean Thomas Groß. In a steel capsule, the 1st Psalm in Hebrew was placed in the concrete under the Turning Point to Life in the center of the still to be built Friedensmal (monument). From this point of reference, the whole monument is measured and constructed.

On the way to the Peace Memorial

In September 2009 I show my friend Paul Alfons Büttner the plot where I want to build the Friedensmal (monument). There is nothing there but a meadow. Along the way I find a large piece of wood in the form of the Hebrew letter Waw. This is where the project starts.

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